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   Sometimes the best option is not litigation. An attorney owes it to his client to provide the best independent advice possible to meet the real interests of the client. Having offered legal advice and counsel to small businesses and individuals in areas concerning employment practices, libel, slander, contract formation, and shareholder rights I have a breadth of experience for my privste clients. Being an experienced trial attorney I do not need to prove myself by posturing so I am comfortable advising clients when they should avoid costly and contentious litigation. Looking for creative, cost-effective, and timely solutions to problems is a test of an attorneys abilities as well as a sign of his skill.

  A true "Counselor" will always keep his eye on the prize and remember that it is the client's real interests that are crucial. Working with the client to realize those goals and interests are what the attorney should keep foremost in mind.

  A true "Counselor" will work with the client to minimize the risk of short term gain becoming long term loss.

A true "Counselor" will approach each issue fresh and not rely upon forms and rote.

A true "Counselor" will give honest and straightforward advice to the client based upon his best knowledge, common sense, and ethical consideration.


There are numerous small businesses that do not need an "in house" legal department yet are still faced with the need to address legal issues on a regular basis. As a small businessman himself Stephen Barry understands your concerns. With experience in many of the issues that regularly face small businesses - employment issues, contract, insurance, litigation, Barry is able to offer common sense advice well grounded in law at a reasonable fee.

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