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Cost-Effectiveness – When you retain outside trial counsel, you avoid the increased fixed costs that come from hiring a new associate. Retention of an outside trial lawyer means you only pay on a project-by-project basis rather than committing to the continuing costs associated with a new employee.

Avoid Time Pressures – Trials demand a comprehensive, in-depth commitment of time.  When you retain outside counsel for trials,  you free yourself from this pressure so that you can concentrate on other aspects of your practice.

Increase Efficiency – Experienced trial lawyers have honed their craft and focus on the core issues of fact and law that really matter in the resolution of the case. When you are not tied up in Court for days, you are free to utilize your time and skills in the manner most efficient for your needs.

 Focus – Retained trial counsel is concerned only with the case before him and gives it his entire attention. There is no distraction from other matters that may need attention.

Professional Satisfaction – There are lawyers who find more satisfaction in other parts of the practice of law – negotiations, research and writing, or case investigations. Retaining outside trial counsel allows you to concentrate on the aspects of your practice that you find most personally and professionally rewarding.

Make More Money - Retaining outside counsel to try your cases frees you to focus on the elements of your practice which are most lucrative for you. Outside trial counsel is often retained at a rate lower than your billable hourly rate.


Breadth and Depth of Experience – For over twenty years Mr. Barry’s practice has concentrated in personal injury litigation. He has taken trials to verdict in fifteen different counties in the State of New York and in cases ranging from automobile accidents to medical malpractice/wrongful death and from premises liability to construction accidents under the New York State Labor Law.

Expertise – Beyond the experience gained from over thirty jury verdicts, Mr. Barry is a graduate of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy program as well as trial advocacy programs run by some of the nation’s largest insurance carriers.

Ethical Conduct – Mr. Barry is well known for his high standards of ethical and professional conduct. You will not need to worry about behavior that could either damage your case or discredit your office.

Economical – Interested in building a long-term, mutually beneficial, professional relationship, Mr. Barry realizes that reasonable hourly rates or flat daily fees provide an incentive for repeat retention.

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