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Established in April 2011, the Law Office of Stephen L. Barry offers experienced, efficient, and economical trial counsel to the Bar throughout the State of New York. Building upon over twenty years of experience, the office is available for retention as trial counsel and also for per diem assignments as needed.

In addition to work on behalf of other lawyers and law firms the office is available to small businesses and individuals for a wide variety of legal services.

The Law Office of Stephen L. Barry is dedicated to providing competent, client centered, and cost effective trial counsel to the Bar. The foundational premises of the Office are:

1. That for the client there is no such thing as a small or routine case and the lawyer owes an obligation to the client to never treat a case in such a manner,

 2. That the zealous advocacy of a position, within the boundaries of professional and personal ethics, is the most efficient means of reaching a just result,

3. That positive results are often negated by unnecessary costs.

Law Office of Stephen L. Barry 

61-43 186th Street - Suite 525
Fresh Meadows, N.Y. 11365


telephone     718-640-2807

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